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For complete book design services and good guidance on the entire self-publishing process, 1106 Design is an excellent option for the serious self-publishing author. They don't handle the marketing and distribution of your book, so you retain full control.

1106 Design is not your typical self-publishing services company. They are first and foremost a book design company that also offers a some related publishing services. Their business model is built around keeping the author in control of all aspects of the publishing of their book. Their work is top-notch and they are very professional in all of their services.

They don't offer marketing services directly, so the author needs to develop their own marketing plan. This is actually preferable to the high-pressure, high-priced, low-return marketing services offered through most self-publishing services companies.

Distribution and printing is largely left up to the author to handle, so the author retains full control over all aspects of this part of the process.

We don't have an opinion on the quality of the editorial services offered through 1106 Design. You should compare their services to freelance editors.

Overall Evaluation

Editing Quality - No Opinion
Design Quality
Customer Service Publishing Knowledge
Value for Your Money

Key Publishing Services Company Criteria

Editorial Evaluation for quality and marketability?
Author can use their own ISBN?
Author can receive the final files?
Author sets the list price?
Author purchase copies at printing cost?
Author payment based on net profit (not royalty)?
Author required to purchase minimum quantity of books?

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