America Star Books  a/k/a  Publish America

UPDATE - June 2018 - We understand the America Star is no longer in business. This is good news in that no more authors will be scammed by them, but it is bad news for any author who cannot get their files back or are owed money by America Star/Publish America.

The following is not legal advice, but is our suggestion for how authors should proceed if their books were published by this company:

  1. Send a registered letter to the company at its last known address requesting that all publishing rights be returned to you. Give them a reasonable time to respond (e.g. 30 days).
  2. Proceed to republish your book. Hopefully you have the final manuscript.
  3. You will need to find someone to design a new cover. The one prepared by them is probably subject to copyright by the designer.
  4. You will need to have the interior redesigned/typeset.
  5. You MUST use different ISBNs. You cannot use the ISBN used by America Star/Publish America.
  6. You can use the same title. Titles are not copyrighted and are not usually subject to any other intellectual property issues. However, you might want to change the title to distance yourself from the old version, since it will still be in many databases.
  7. We suggest you consider doing a rewrite and have it re-edited to make the book a new version. This will also separate the book from the old version.

We cannot assist you in getting any information or your files back from America Star/Publish America. We have no additional information about them. However, you can rely on our endorsed interior designers, cover designers, and editors to assist you in redoing your book.

America Star Books, also known as Publish America, is the worst self-publishing services company we have come across. Their reputation was so bad that they changed the name of the company in an attempt to stay in business. We hope it doesn't work.

The books they produce have the worst covers and interior design we have seen from a company in this industry. Moreover, their practice of "publishing your book for free", but requiring the author to buy large quantities of books at very high prices is duplicitous at best. In addition, the publishing agreements we have seen from this company assign the publishing rights to the book to America Star for 7 years!

 Stay away from this company!
  • Very poor design services
  • Hidden costs
  • Assignment of publishing rights
  • Loss of all control over your book

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America Star Books  a/k/a  Publish America


Editorial Evaluation for quality and marketability?
Author can own the ISBN?
Author can receive the final files?
Author sets the list price?
Author purchase copies at printing cost?
Author payment based on net profit (not royalty)?
Author required to purchase minimum quantity of books?

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