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Members of the Center receive all of these benefits.

Company profiles and ratings.

The Center maintains profiles on many companies, conferences, and professionals in the industry which are available to its Members. In addition, the Center provides unbiased and independent evaluations of companies providing critical services to the publishing community.


One of the cornerstones of the Center's mission is to provide training and educational opportunities to authors, self-publishers, and other industry professionals. The training opportunities range from our annual Ann Arbor Book Summit to webinars provided to writer's groups. Members receive discounts or free admission to the Center's educational events.


Resource Center.

Need instruction on how to best setup your book for sale through Amazon and other online retailers? Want a more in depth explanation on a specific aspect of book publishing? Find it in the white papers, recommended books, and other resources found in our Member Resources Center.

Free Expert Advice.

Do you have a question about your book that you need a reliable answer on? Online forums are great for getting a lot of opinions, but where do you go for real expert advice? Members can ask our network of publishing professionals their questions and they receive the most authoritative advice in the industry.


Dispute resolution assistance.

Sometimes even the best relationships end up with irreconcilable differences. Authors and vendors are no different. The Center provides assistance to its members in resolving disputes by providing impartial review of the situation and rendering a professional opinion that both parties can rely on. Put problems behind you quickly and move on to more productive work.


Seal of Approval.

Business Membersshield of approval 2 150 of the Center who have received a Thumbs Up review and agree to follow the Center's Best Practices for their segment of the industry are identified with our Seal of Approval. Businesses who receive the Seal of Approval are subject to even more critical review by the Center to insure that they abide by the Member Code of Conduct.


Voice in Center activities.

The Center is a member supported, nonprofit business league. The activities of the Center are governed by a Board of Directors that is elected by the Members. The Members have direct input into the management, direction, and voice of the Center. The Center belongs to the Members.