Mill City Press

Mill City Press is one of the better self-publishing services companies. Their website reflects the company business practices - clean and direct without a lot of fluff and hard sell. Generally, we have been favorably impressed with the quality of the books we have seen from Mill City.

 A couple of caveats if you work with Mill City Press.
  • Some of their marketing services are priced pretty high for the work involved. For example, an author should set-up and work on their own Facebook page and Goodreads author profile or use a Social Media specialist.
  • A new author should be careful before committing to printing a large quantity of books. If a book is selling well, then printing larger quantities of books for traditional distribution is better than using POD. Their Expanded Distribution should be used cautiously by a new author
  • The Manuscript Evaluation seems to be priced a little high, but in general, it is a service that we value.

Overall Evaluation

Editing Quality
Design Quality
Customer Service Publishing Knowledge
Value for Your Money

Key Publishing Services Criteria for

Mill City Press

Editorial Evaluation for quality and marketability?
Author can own the ISBN?
Author can receive the final files?
Author sets the list price?
Author purchase copies at printing cost?
Author payment based on net profit (not royalty)?
Author required to purchase minimum quantity of books?

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