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She Writes Press (SWP) is not your typical self-publishing services company. First, they only publish books by female authors. Second, they are a curated publisher. "She Writes Press only publishes manuscripts that we deem to be publish-ready, based purely on the merit of the writing and not on author platform or other subjective measures." We know that SWP has high editorial standards for their books. Third, they have distribution through Ingram Publishing Services, which only handles publishers with quality books. This is a huge plus for getting books into the marketplace.

SWP publishes books under the SWP imprint, which normally we do not recommend for an independent author. However, in this instance, due to the high quality of the books being published by SWP, the benefit of being selected to be published under SWP far outweighs the negatives of the small loss of control this creates for the author. This type of self-publishing is sometimes referred to as "hybrid publishing" since the author is paying for publication by a quality, curated publisher. The label of "hybrid publisher" does not, in and of itself, add anything to the value of the publishing arrangement. The benefit and value of the arrangement is based on the quality of the publisher and the exact nature of the "hybrid" contract.

SWP only offers one publishing package. It is an all or nothing approach, which only works because of the quality of She Writes Press. The current price of the package is listed on the website as $4,900. This may seem high when first compared to other self-publishing services, but the quality of the services provides an excellent value for your investment. There may also be some investment in printing, since SWP uses traditional distribution for most of its books instead of POD.

SWP was founded by Kamy Wicoff and Brooke Warner and is closely affiliated with There was a change in ownership in 2014 and we hope it continues to produce quality books for its authors. is an excellent resource for female authors wanting to hone their manuscripts and learn more about the publishing process.

 We highly recommend that authors who fit the criteria for She Writes Press consider using SWP to publish their books. The quality of the publishing process and the association with other quality books is a huge benefit for any author.

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Author payment based on net profit (not royalty)?
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