The Center for Book Publishing


The Center for Book Publishing seeks to improve the quality, vitality, and repute of the book publishing industry by establishing and promoting business and performance standards, providing training for publishing professionals, and continually promoting the highest level of excellence in book publication.


The Center for Book Publishing was established to fill a real and meaningful gap in the publishing industry. Traditionally, individuals and companies involved in book publishing were generally very knowledgeable about the industry. This was a result of the system of training, bordering on apprenticeship, which the established companies in the industry provided for their employees. However, in recent years the rapid growth of self-publishing and independent publishing has severely diluted the knowledge within the industry. Hundreds of people and companies proclaim themselves as experts and offer their services to the thousands of authors who venture into the business. Many of these companies offer shoddy or questionable services and faulty or misleading advice. It is difficult for most people to determine what advice is reliable and which companies offer quality services.

The Center provides expert advice, technical and process information, and other industry information that is reliable, impartial, and current. The Center is a member-supported organization dedicated to providing the book industry with impartial quality and performance standards, promoting high quality book publication, and helping to train and inform the next generation of book publishers.

The Center is organized as a nonprofit business league under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. The members of the Center elect the Board of Directors at the annual membership meeting.


There are two types of Members in the Center: Author and Business. Each Member has one vote, regardless of the size of the Business. Members must meet the following qualifications:

An Author Member is an individual who has written or is writing a long-form work of fiction or non-fiction for general publication

A Business Member is a company or publishing professional whose primary business activity is one of the following:

Providing editing, design, marketing & promotion, production, printing & binding, sales, and/or distribution to Authors or Publishers

Book publisher


Writer conference, book fair, non-profit publishing organization, and other group involved in the training or development of book writers or publishing professionals


Operation of the Center is governed by the Bylaws. Full Membership requirements can be found in Article II.


All Business Members will strive to provide the highest quality services to authors, other Members, and the general public.

All fees and other charges for a Business Member’s services shall be completely and transparently disclosed prior to execution of a contract.

All Business Members will adhere to the Center’s Recommended Best Practices and shall disclose any variation from those Best Practices to its customers.

All Author Members will provide their readers with a book that is well written, professionally edited, and is produced in accordance with industry standards.

Author Members will not intentionally defame any person or company, provide false or misleading information, and will not infringe on the intellectual property of any other person.