Cover Design

The single most important marketing piece for your book is its cover. Every potential buyer will look at the cover before even considering purchasing your book. As they scan a book shelf or scroll down a web page, your book has only seconds to stand out from the crowd and make a positive impression on the potential buyer.
Get your own custom cover designed from an experienced cover designer. Most graphic designers don't keep up with the latest trends in cover design. You want a cover that is appropriate for your book's genre and content. One of the biggest failings of most self-publishing services is their cover design. Their "custom" covers are still template based and very generic in design.
In addition to being the cover of your book, this design will be used on posters, business cards, postcards, and all maner of marketing material. Make sure it is well done.

Joel Friedlander provides some great insight into great book cover design. Our favorite article by Joel on this topic is Book Cover Success and Failure Explained.

The following cover designers are known to provide excellent design services.

You need to carefully review the designer's portfolio of covers to see if their work appeals to you and to make sure they work in your book's genre. While cover designers will generally listen to your input, they will provide you with their designs, not some embellishment of your design.

Do your homework. Go to a bookstore (yes, they still exist) and look at books in your genre. The books in a physical bookstore will be from the top publishers and this will insure that you are looking at the best book covers. Look at the designs of all of the books in your genre to get an idea of the current trends and also pick out your favorites. Be prepared to share these favorites with your designer.

Don't expect to get sample covers from a designer for free. This is their livelihood.


Kathi Dunn
Dunn+Associates Design

"We are a nationally acclaimed design firm serving publishers, speakers, and experts. We have over 25 years of award-winning design experience — and a host of bestsellers and celebrated clients to back us up. Our goal is to deliver a spectacular, one-of-a-kind design that transforms your entire cover into a winning sales package."


Cathi Stevenson
Book Cover Express

"I have been a book cover designer for more than 20 years. Book Cover Express authors have been featured on/in: Good Morning America, Today, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, 48-hours, People Magazine, L.A. Times, The Washington Post, and TV Guide. One of our self-published authors sold 900 copies of his book in 48 hours."


Heather UpChurch
Art & Design Studios

"I am a fine artist and graphic designer specializing in books. I work for several small publishers as well as individual authors designing covers and interiors for just about everything from novels to textbooks to children's books to recipe books and beyond. I am familiar with CreateSpace and IngramSpark/Lightning Source as well as other printers and publishers and I would love to help you with your book. I also provide general design services, including 3D cover images, posters, bookmarks, business cards and other promotional materials."


Aimee Coveney
Author Design Studio

"Every design must be carefully balanced, so I take time researching the genre your book will be targeting, looking at what's already out in the market, what's been a success and how your cover could compete there. Branding and professionalism is key to reaching your audience."


Alexander von Ness
Ness Graphica

"I help all of my clients stay on top of current design trends. I also show my clients how to connect with their customers and translate their ideas into a powerful image, bringing it to life and infused with emotion."


Deb Tremper
Six Penny Graphics

"Six Penny Graphics specializes in all aspects of professional book design (both print and e-books) including book covers, dust jackets and interiors designed and typeset from your manuscript files. You will find a wide selection of design samples in the online portfolio, but feel free to ask if there’s something else you’d like to see."


Derek Murphy

"I make book covers that sell books, even in over-saturated genres with lots of competition. That’s my one and only objective for every project I work on."


Robin Ludwig
Robin Ludwig Design

"We specialize in fiction design. We offer design services for romance, horror, mystery, suspense, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, urban fantasy, new adult, young adult books, and many more. If the artwork can be created with stock photography we can create it!"


Jacinta Calcut
Image Graphics & Design

"Our mission is to provide each and every client with more than they imagined in terms of design and more than they have experienced in regard to customer service, while at the same time staying within each individual budget we are working with. We are committed to achieving excellence, while acting in a wholly ethical and friendly way."


Jamie Tipton
Open Hearts Designs


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