Interior Design and Typesetting

The proper layout and design of the interior of a book is often overlooked or given very low priority by the novice publisher. This can lead to the book being rejected by book buyers as amateurish and unprofessional.

The many nuances of proper book design include selection of the proper fonts for text and headings, appropriate margins and line spacing, and correct order for front matter. These are critical decisions to making your book look as professionally designed in addition to being well written.

Some designers specialize in more "straight forward" books like novels, memoirs, and basic  non-fiction books. Others like to concentrate on the more complex layouts required for heavily illustrated books like travel and history books or books containing many charts, graphs and other types of illustrations.

The following book designers are known to provide excellent typesetting and design services.

Review their online portfolios to find the designer that best fits your book. Most will want to see your manuscript or a draft layout before they can give you a proposal.


Jamie Tipton
Open Hearts Designs

Novels, memoirs, photo collections, cookbooks.

Complex non-fiction with books with charts, illustrations, appendixes and indexes.

eBook formatting


Heather UpChurch
Art & Design Studios

Everything from college textbooks to novels to recipe books to children's books and beyond.

eBook formatting


Kiran Spees
Fukurou Design Studio

Novels and memoirs.

eBook formatting


Jacinta Calcut
Image Graphics & Design

Novels and memoirs.

eBook formatting


Paul E. Trivilino
Graphic Designer

Specializing in complex non-fiction and research publications.


Vicky Shea
Ponderosa Pine Design

High quality, four-color book layout especially for illustrated history, travel, and children’s books.


Deb Tremper
Six Penny Graphics

Novels and memoirs.




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