King Printing Co.

King Printing is a full service book printer whose forte is inkjet printing. They were one of the first printers to offer this service and it remains their core offering. Inkjet printing is generally most economical in print runs of 100 to 2,000 copies. Traditionally, inkjet printing provided lower quality than offset, but today's equipment provides a quality that most people can not differentiate from offset.

There are a number of printers with similar names, so make sure you are contacting the right one.

Overall Printer Evaluation

Print Quality
Binding Quality
Customer Service
Bind and Print Options
Self-Publishing Support
Value for Your Money

Best Print Run Lengths

True P.O.D.
25 to 100
100 to 500
500 to 5,000
 5,000 and up
up to 3,500

Printing Capabilites

  • Offset Black Text
  • Offset Color Text
  • Digital Black Text
  • Digital High Quality Color Text
  • Digital Standard Quality Color Text

Binding Capabilities

  • Softcover (Perfect bound)
  • Hardcover (Case bound)
  • Mechanical Binding (Spiral Wire, Plastic Comb, Etc.)
  • Flexible Binding (Otabind RepKover™ or similar

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