Self-Publishing Services


The rapid growth of self-publishing  spawned an entirely new industry of companies which offer to help authors to self-publish their books. We believe that it is not necessary for an author to utilize on of these services to publish their book, but about 90% of authors who choose the self-publishing route use one of these companies. Some authors do not know how to really do it themselves or are just overwhelmed by the process and want a "one-stop-shop" to handle it all for them. If you fall into one of these categories, then using a publishing services company, a book packager, or a publishing consultant is very useful. However, proceed with caution.

We believe that any company offering services to help manage the publishing process for an author should abide by some very basic professional standards that we refer to as Best Practices for Self-Publishing Services. Read through them before you hire a company to help you publish your book.

While there are some excellent professionals in this area, too many of the companies provide poor quality, charge exorbitant prices, or are just plain unethical in their business practices. These companies prey on the uninformed and enthusiastic author who relies on flashy marketing to select the company to whom they are going to entrust their book.

We urge authors to truly self-publish their books by becoming independent publishers and managing the publishing process themselves. However, if you feel you need to have the assistance of someone to guide you through the process, be very careful in what company you select.

The self-publishing services companies listed here are presented in alphabetical order for your convenience. Hover over the company to see a synopsis of their services and a link to the full review. If there is a company that you don't see listed and have questions about, please ask us to review them.

Are they Publishers?

True book "publishers" will NEVER ask an author for money.

True book "publishers" will ALWAYS retain editorial control.

Although some of these companies talk about themselves as publishers, they are not publishers in the traditional book publishing sense. They are more akin to "vanity" publishers, although traditional vanity publishers took control of the publishing rights even though the author paid for the publishing.

If a company asks you to give them money or requires you to buy a certain number of books, they are not a publisher.