Vendor Reviews

How We Do Them

Our Vendor Reviews are based on a number of objective factors as well as a consensus of industry opinion. In each category, we try to establish criteria that will allow us to reasonably compare different companies in the same segment of the publishing industry. you will also find contact information, basic capability descriptions, and a short narrative overview of the company.

We welcome and encourage feedback from the companies as well as their customers.

What the Ratings Icons Mean
Icon Description
shield of approval 2 150 The "Seal of Approval" indicates that the Vendor has received a "Thumbs Up" rating and is a Member of the Center. As a Member of the Center for Book Publishing, the Vendor has agreed to comply with the Center's Code of Conduct. Any complaints or problems with these Vendors will receive the highest level of scrutiny by the Center.
Thumbs up 150 Vendors receiving our "Thumbs Up" rating are performing their service in general compliance with the Center's Best Practices criteria for that service area. We believe that they can be relied on to assist a publisher in creating a book which meets generally accepted industry standards at a reasonable cost.
Caution 150 Vendors which receive the "Caution" rating have the ability to provide an appropriate level of service, but there is some issue or caveat that the customer needs to be aware of when dealing with this vendor. We believe that the issue or concern with their performance can be overcome or is an acceptable variation from industry standard as long as the customer is aware of the issue and uses reasonable judgment or precautions.
Nope 150 The "Don't Go There" rating indicates that in the opinion of the Center, this Vendor generally fails to provide an acceptable level of service or does so in a manner that places unacceptable economic burden on the customer. We recommend finding an alternative vendor.